The construction company MARTIN, which is based in Rhodes, and undertakes stone constructions since 1992. Always considering, in every construction, the highest quality, a perfect result, the most affordable prices and the consistency in the respect of deadlines, our work is guaranteed in every project we undertake.

We have loved this art from the beginning, and in cooperation with professional civil engineers and architects, we design and construct the residence you have always dreamt of, always listening carefully to your requirements and taking into account what you can afford.

The crews of the construction company MARTIN in Rhodes have a high expertise in stone-built houses. From the building of single storey and double storey residences, to the paving, wall lining and any other stone construction. The stone-built houses consisted a very common way of building in the past, which however became rare in our days.

We are proud for the projects that bear our signature and we desire to continue towards the same direction.Contact us daily for any information you require. Our associates will guide you after listening to your needs and requirements.